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Birdie Compact Hoist (HRT 6)

Birdie Compact Hoist

The Birdie Compact Folding Electric Hoist will lift up to 150kg and is slightly smaller than the Birdie Folding Electric Hoist which lifts up to 170kg. The innovative boom design offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from bed, chair or even the floor. The lifters are designed for maximum convenience and offer a folding format that can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed. The Birdie provides a very comfortable lift and transfer allowing a 360° range of movement even when the hoist is in the highest position, which allows the patient to be easily rotated in the hoist for placement into the bed or wheelchair, making it much easier for the carer. Optimising space for the client creates a high level of comfort and ensures that the clients" knees are not too close to the actuator of the hoist, which means that there is a very low risk of injury. Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand with the Birdie Compact. It is simple to fold, unfold and dismantle, the hoist can easily be folded and unfolded without the need for tools, and includes a snap lock mechanism for added security. The hoist will require minimal space when stored and is very easy to push and transport. If required the mast and boom can be easily detached from the base (no tools required).

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