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Mattress MSS Softform Premier Active 2 (PCP 7)

Mattress MSS Softform Premier Active 2

The pump will assess individual patients’ weights, and adjust levels of inflation accordingly. The air cells alternate on a ten minute cycle beneath the foam insert, delivering a very low impact at the point of change, thereby delivering high levels of comfort in addition to improved pressure reduction. This product is suitable for patients at high risk. The Softform Premier Active 2 retains properties as a high risk static mattress but should clinical judgement determine that the patient requires stepping up to a dynamic surface, then a discrete pump can be fitted to the air insert transforming the mattress into a dynamic surface and delivering additional levels of pressure relief.

  • Can be fitted with a pump (order seperately) and transformed to an alternating surface.
  • The strikethrough resistant cover has been designed to manage the clinical impact with regards to pressure care, infection control and risk of cross infection.
  • The new cover makes this a clinically effective mattress that is robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of a 21st century healthcare environment.
  • The Mattress does not require turning and has a 10 minute inflation cycle and a two-way stretch PU waterproof cover.

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